Our neighborhood is filled with a wonderfully diverse group of women. The Beacon Hill Women’s Forum (BHWF) has been created to help facilitate bringing those women together as a community.

Why the Beacon Hill Women’s Forum?

It’s simple… To Connect/Inspire/Enjoy!

Our neighborhood is filled with a wonderfully diverse group of women and the BHWF has been created to help facilitate bringing those women together as a community.

To achieve that goal the BHWF meets once a month in a casual setting where neighbors can meet and connect with each other.

The format is predictable with meetings scheduled on the second Tuesday of each month, September through May, at the iconic Hampshire House. The timing 6-8pm allows women to arrive from work or home, enjoy a speaker and each others’ company, then possibly continue on with a friend for dinner at one of our local restaurants.

Because the Hampshire House has generously underwritten the room charge each month, the cost to join and attend meetings is minimal and is designed to cover basic food and administrative expenses.

Join us and discover how the simple joy of connecting with your neighbors, being inspired by a local speaker and enjoying each others’ company can help forge new friendships and a sense of belonging among our spectacular community of women on Beacon Hill and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Hope to see you next month!

Sandra Gilpatrick
President 2016-2018

Sandra Gilpatrick Bio

Sandra Gilpatrick has been a resident on Beacon Hill for 13 years. She lives at 15 Ridgeway Lane with her husband, George, their eight year old son, Lachlan, and parrotlet, Admiral Byrd.

She is an adventurous recipe explorer, struggling squash player, enthusiastic urban gardener and proponent of public greenspaces. Sandra owns a practice devoted to helping Gen X and Millennial women understand and manage their finances (www.sandragilpatrick.com). Financial literacy for women is an important mission in her practice and she is a contributing author for Bostonmamas.com. She makes a concerted effort to find time to enjoy her friendships and volunteer in her community. Sandra was the recipient of the 2013 Wheaton Alumnae Achievement Award for her professional accomplishments and volunteer community service.

Sandra is a board member for the Beacon Hill Garden Club, Proprietor at the Boston Athenaeum, member of the Beacon Hill Civic Association and volunteer at the British International School of Boston, her son’s school. Sandra has committed to be President of the Beacon Hill Women’s Forum for the 2016-17 and 2017-18 seasons.

2017-2018 BHWF Executive Board

  • President – Sandra Gilpatrick
  • Vice President – Karen Hensey
  • Treasurer – Justine Laugharn
  • Secretary/Membership Director – Virginia Mills
  • Membership Director – Jackie McBride
  • Program Director – Debbie Smith
  • Program Director – Therese Byrne
  • Connections Director – Pat Carucci
  • Connections Director – Kathy Judge
  • Marketing Director – Elisabeth Malin
  • Marketing Director – Katherine Hammes

2017-2018 Advisory Board

  • Lisa Macalaster
  • Danielle Frissell
  • Susan Korthals
  • Paula Stookey
  • Senaida Currie

May 2013 BHWF Inaugural Address

The Hampshire House Library
May 6, 2013

Good evening I’m Lisa Macalaster, your neighbor on Pinckney Street and I’d like to thank you all for joining us tonight for this exciting Spring Launch of the Beacon Hill Women’s Forum…. where our mission is simple:  to Connect, Inspire & Celebrate each other’s company.

Tonight we are endeavoring to do something  “new” in a neighborhood that prides itself on that which is “old & historic.” With the 126th Hidden Gardens of Beacon Hill tour scheduled in a few weeks, I’d like to use “the garden” as an analogy to explain.

If Beacon Hill were a garden…it has it all!  Well-pruned foundation plantings, hardy perennials, textured ground cover and all of that is nicely interspersed with colorful annuals.  It’s perfection!  Be that as it may, even the loveliest of gardens can use fresh inspiration now and then. There comes a time when any passionate gardener yearns for a new exotic varietal to help make their cherished peace of earth pop with fresh interest.…right?

That is what we are doing by creating the BHWF! Currently there is no single organization on Beacon Hill that brings neighborhood women of all ages together on a regular basis with the simple goal to connect, inspire and enjoy each other’s company. The Beacon Hill Women’s Forum is that new varietal in this grand old garden!

Tonight, this room is filled with the fertile soil, as it were, of bright, creative women, and in just the past hour the seed of possibility has been planted.  You can feel it!  The energy here is palpable.  And, as any good gardener knows, if you put a healthy seed in fertile soil and add water and sunshine….  something beautiful will grow!  How exciting is that?!

But why just women?  Well, when I graduated from Wellesley College in 1983, the president at the time, Nan Keohane, said to us  “You can have it all but you never have it all at the same time.”  Indeed! There is a complexity to navigating the chapters of a woman’s life because her priorities are constantly changing.   It’s a challenge to remain intellectually inspired and spiritually grounded while keeping up with the minutia of day-to-day life.  We need each other’s support and inspired encouragement to do this well.  So this one’s for the girls!

The structure of our Beacon Hill Women’s Forum meetings is uncomplicated. We’ve set up a predictable gathering here at the Hampshire House each month, September –May beginning next Fall.  Each meeting will include a time to connect with each other, a time to be inspired by a dynamic speaker and a time to simply enjoy the company of other women.

It’s my hope that, from this simple structure, women will meet each other and migrate together in the direction they need most at the moment.  Debate groups may form to discuss issues, young mothers may form support groups, professional mentoring relationships may form across the generations or perhaps some of the ladies will simply stroll over to 75 Chestnut afterwards and delight in their newfound friendships over a glass of wine. It’s all possible and its all positive!

So thank you for throwing yourself into the mix tonight….into something “new” on Beacon Hill!  And since each season brings its own beauty, I hope you will stick around over the months and years to come and watch how stunning this garden is destined to become.  Here’s to the birth of the Beacon Hill Women’s Forum and your part in it.  Cheers!



We are so grateful to our corporate sponsors, including Hampshire House & Tom Kershaw, Hingham Institution for Savings, Coldwell Banker, Infinity Portrait Design, Charles Street Family Chiropractic, and Shelly Karol. Click the button below for more information.

Solicitation Policy

The Beacon Hill Women’s Forum is a social club for neighborhood women to connect, inspire & enjoy. Our primary mission is to be a social club, not a business networking group. Click the button below to read our solicitation policy.